A report published in Bloomberg claims that that Samsung, which launched the curved display bearing smartphone Galaxy Round last month, is now looking forward to introduce a Galaxy series smartphone having three-sided bended display in 2014.

According to the sources of Bloomberg, this upcoming innovative phone will use an upgraded version of Samsung’s Youm technology that was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early this year, and has been recently used in Galaxy Round, the first curved display smartphone of the company.

There is no official word on the report as of now, but according to the same sources, the alleged smartphone might be launched in the second half of 2014 and company is planning to make each side of the display functioning independently.

Samsung’s intention to introduce such kind of device had been revealed in early May this year when company caught filing a patent application explaining a smartphone with bended/ wrapped around display on the three sides of the phone and its use-cases. Take a glimpse at the some of the use-cases.

While we are not sure if this phone will really make it to the market but it certainly seems interesting and as you can see Samsung has actually found some real use-cases for such a technology but do we really need a phone with display on three-sides for these use-cases? Express your thoughts in comments.