Looks like the announcement Google’s upcoming smartwatch is now just around the corner. If a report published in The Wall Street journal is to be believed, the company has all done with the device and might announce the launch within months.

The publications also elaborates that the company is currently in talks with Asian suppliers to start mass production of its new smartwatch, which is in the late stages of development, and the mass production is expected to start within months.

Google Smartwatch

Google Smartwatch

In the reports, the Google smartphone is said to come powered by latest Android (probably Android 4.4, which is still to be announced) and include Google Now integration, a voice driven personal assistant and search tool that comes with Android powered phone and tablets (Android 4.1 onward).

The WSJ report also reveals that the Google’s smartwatch would be able to communicate with devices such as a smartphone, and feature the ability to scan and pull information like travel schedules from users’ email through Google Now. The reports further indicates that the Google is working on optimising power consumption so that users don’t need to recharge the device frequently.

Source: The Wall Street Journal