Do you know Facebook offers many useful keyboard shortcuts in order to access their pages fast? I think some of you might not be aware of this. Using these keyboard shortcuts you can access Facebook in a fast and easy way and you can navigate between different places in Facebook and even you can search. These Facebook shortcut techniques might be useful for those Facebook users who spent a lot of time surfing Facebook in their laptop and find it difficult moving the cursor in touchpad.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Keyboard Shortcuts

TechPuffs has brought for you an extensive list of Facebook keyboard shortcuts. Provided below is a list of some keyboard shortcuts that works well in Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • Shift + Alt + 1: Return to Home
  • Shift + Alt + 2 : To view the Timeline
  • Shift + Alt + 3 : To pull down the Friends Requests list
  • Shift + Alt + 4 : To retrieve the Messages list
  • Shift + Alt + 5 : To call out the Notification list
  • Shift + Alt + 6 : Account setting page
  • Shift + Alt + 7 : Account privacy configuration
  • Shift + Alt + 8 : Facebook fans group page
  • Shift + Alt + 9 : Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Shift + Alt + 0 : Facebook Help Center
  • Shift + Alt + m : Create new message
  • Shift + Alt + ? : Cursor in the Search Box

However, these keyboard shorcuts will not work in Chrome and Internet Explorer. There are different keyboard shortcut combinations for different browsers. For instance, If you are surfing Facebook in Google Chrome, then instead of Shift + Alt combination only Alt will be used. The remaining things will be same and it will do the same job for you. As far as internet explorer is concerned there is no such facility to use Facebook keyboard shortcuts. 😆 😆