Several reports surfacing online suggest that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 will include eye scanner, which will enable users to lock or unlock their devices by simply gazing at it. Some reports also indicate that the company is also looking for a new security technology to match up iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor.

According to the report, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be powered by 64-bit eight-core Exynos 5430 processor, and will include 16MP camera with optical image stabilization. The company is also speculated to include waterproof and dust-resistant body, a curved and unbreakable screen as well as recently unveiled Isocell sensor in this upcoming flagship.

Some rumors even indicate that the company is planning it to launch as soon as possible after realizing the disappointing sales of current flagship Galaxy S4. According to a report of South Korean internet giant Naver, the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled in January 2014 and will hit the shelves in the following months.

As there is no official confirmation on the report, we take it with a huge pinch of salt at the moment, and at the same time looking forward to collect some more information related to this upcoming flagship.