Although there are so many services available for bookmarking webpages in different ways and they are very lucrative also but there are no such tool to bookmark images in the browser. Isn’t it? But now no need to worry, there has come for this purpose a dedicated bookmark add-on available for Firefox and Chrome, called Wookmark. It provides you, the facility of bookmarking images in just a single click.

Let’s learn here at TechPuffs – how to use Wookmarks?

How to Proceed?

After installation, it lets you to save any image you come across on the web to your Wookmark account. To get started with Wookmark, you first need a free Wookmark account. After that, install Wookmark to your Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser and then restart the browser. Now whenever you come across an image you want to bookmark, just click the Wookmark button on the Firefox or Chrome toolbar. Then click on the picture that you want to save. After that your selected images will be stored in your Wookmark account automatically.

Images Stored in Wookmark Account

Images Stored in Wookmark Account

Features of Wookmark

This extension also works very well, when you do Google image search. As soon as you hit the Wookmark button, all the images will be highlighted. You can explore all saved images in your Wookmark account. There is an important feature you would like and that is – it allows to browse other people’s bookmarks or rather Wookmarks, so that you can favorite them or save them to your account quickly if you like. It also lets you to comment on other people’s pictures thus making the site a bit more interactive like social networking sites.

There are also a lot to do with Wookmark like creating a gift list for Christmas, creating a mood board for your home redecoration project or collecting recipes in visual way and much more.

To download and install as well as sign-up for Wookmark account : CLICK HERE