LG Display, the display arm of LG Electronics has announced that they have started mass producing the world’s first flexible OLED display for smartphones. This comes after a report that LG is working on the G Flex smartphone with a curved OLED display. LG did not reveal the display resolution of the panel but it said that the display size would be 6 inches. It says that the this would be the world’s slimmest display among existing mobile device panels and would weigh just 7.2 grams.

LG Flexible OLED Panel

LG showed-off a 5.5-inch Quad HD display with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels at a pixel density of 538ppi, but it did not announce when we can expect in smartphones. The new flexible OLED panel is built on plastic substrates instead of glass with film-type encapsulation technology that attaches a protection film to the back of the panel to make it bendable and unbreakable.

This display is vertically concave from top to bottom with a radius of 700mm and is just 0.44mm thin. The company showed-off the world’s first 6-inch Electronic Paper Display (EPD) based on e-ink with a plastic backplane. LG plans to introduce rollable and foldable displays in various sizes soon. LG did not announce when we can expect a smartphone featuring this display.