The awaited specifications of Samsung’s flexible display smartphone, which is expected to be launched next week, have been finally revealed today. According to the AndroidSaS, who has gathered the alleged specs from their tipster, the alleged flexible display smartphone will pack 4.7 inches of HD display having resolution of 720×1280 pixel resolution.

Samsung's Flexible Display

The report of AndroidSaS further notes that the device will be powered by quad-core CPU (most probably Snapdragon 800 ) paired with 2GB of RAM. The smartphone will also include 8MP camera with dual-LED flash support.

The remaining specifications such as battery, storage and pre-installed OS are still missing at this point, but considering the above specifications, the device will surely include latest Android 4.3 and a long marathon battery.

In contrary to the earlier report, the AndroidSaS claims that the device will not be a flexible variant of Galaxy Note 3, but it will be launched as a new flagship device under Galaxy series.

There is still no word on the specifications from Samsung, so we take it with a pinch of salt at the moment. Samsung will probably reveal something about the smartphone very soon as the reported launch schedule is not very far from now.

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