Just 4-5 months ago, we heard about Samsung’s involvement in boosting the Galaxy S4 benchmark scores, and it looks like Samsung is still following the same strategy for its current flagship Galaxy Note 3. A technological website, called ArsTechnica has found Samsung involved in boosting the benchmark score of Galaxy Note 3 in GeekBench 3 benchmark test.

Benchmark Boosting of Galaxy Note 3

According to the report of ArsTechnica, the quad-core Snapdragon 800 variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been found working on 2.3GHz in the GeekBench 3 benchmark test, but while running non-benchmark apps or benchmark apps, three of the four CPU cores went to sleep. In the test, out of four, only one core was found working at a clock frequency of 300 MHz, as compared to 2.3GHz during benchmark test.

In the Geekbench 3 testing, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 showed a 20% increase in the scores, but when it came to Linpack test the result was as much as 50% higher.

Samsung is yet to come forward to comment on the report, but we hope to hear an official reaction very soon on this matter.