MailSlayer (Chrome Extension) : Do More with Gmail

MailSlayer (Chrome Extension) : Do More with Gmail

Now Gmail has turned out to be the most favorite and the most using web-based e-mail service and of course it has left other e-mail clients like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail etc. far behind. Although Gmail is already powered with many apps and features but there are still some apps which are missing in order to make Gmail better and more productive. To add functionality to the Gmail and make the service much more effective, there is a free Chrome extension called MailSlayer that easily adds many useful apps in your Gmail.

Features of MailSlayer

The MailSlayer provides three apps to your Gmail.

  1. Person Labels :
    It allows users to group people into relevant labels like work, friend or co-worker, right from the conversation.
  2. Snippets :
    It provides you the facility to write e-mails with a few clicks of your mouse using response templates and stores rich text such as links, formatting and images to save you time when you are sending an e-mail.
  3. Notes :
    It allows you to add a short note about the contact as well as the conversation by simply clicking a box on the right.

Installation of MailSlayer

The installation of MailSlayer is quite easy and you can install it easily when you’ll visit MailSlayer website. After installation MailSlayer Drop Down will appear in the top right hand corner of your Gmail Inbox.

MailSlayer (Chrome Extension) : Drop Down Menu in Gmail

MailSlayer (Chrome Extension) : Drop Down Menu in Gmail

However this extension is currently not available for Mozilla Firefox, but it is expected that Firefox version will be available soon.

To download and install MailSlayer (Extension for Chrome) : CLICK HERE

MailSlayer Demo Video

You can watch MailSlayer (Chrome Extension) in action, in the following video :