Samsung Smartphone with Flexible Display

Samsung Smartphone with Flexible Display

We have been hearing about Samsung’s flexible display smartphones for a while now, and last week, we also heard a Samsung executive familiar with the matter saying that the company will release alleged smartphone in October. Now looks like the official announcement of Samsung flexible display smartphone is just around the corner as several online report emerging from Korea claim that Samsung will unveil the alleged smartphone as early as next week.

According to Korean news vendor Digital Daily, a Samsung excutive has apparently disclosed this information at a press event held in Seol today.

The executive, however didn’t disclosed the specifications of the said smartphone and also we have very little information related to the device at this point, but Speculation are rife that the smartphone will be a variant of flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the display replaced with Flexible panel. As other parts of the phone are still going to be non-flexible, the overall unit will not see much change and will just have a more durable display.

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