iTunes Radio

When Apple released iTunes 11.1 last week to coincide with the arrival of its iOS 7 mobile operating system and debut of the iTunes Radio service, it shifted a few things around. If the preset channels or build-your-own-station approach of iTunes Radio do not suit you, you can still find the online radio stations list under the internet tab in the main iTunes window when you have the Music library selected.

iTunes Radio on iPhones

iTunes Radio on iPhones

Likewise, you can still listen to stations you find online by going to the File menu, choosing Open Stream and pasting the URL for that station’s stream into the box. And saving a station to an iTunes playlist can help you find your favorite streams more quickly — just drag the station name from the station list onto an existing playlist.

If you have the iTunes Sidebar open on the left, drag the radio stream to the desired playlist in the sidebar panel. If you do not have the sidebar visible (the panel can be toggled on and off under the View menu), drag the stream to the right side of the window, where the Playlists panel slides open automatically.

Along with moving things around in the Music library, the iTunes 11.1 update adds a few other features, like the ability to sync with devices running the iOS 7 software, and a shuffle option for the iTunes Genius tool that groups similar-sounding songs together.

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