In the official press blog, Samsung has today announced that its cross-platform instant messenger service ChatON, that was originally launched in October 2011, has crossed over 100 million users mark worldwide.


According to the company, the instant messaging service reached 50 million mark in May this year, and two of the key factors in ChatON’s success is its compatibility with all major platforms like Android, PC, Samsung feature phones, iOS, BB, and WP and that it comes pre-loaded on all major Samsung Galaxy devices like S III, Note II, S4, and Note III.

“ChatON has experienced steady growth in India, China, and the United States, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Middle East. The service was designed to ensure that users across the globe can communicate in multiple languages – ChatON currently supports 63 languages in major countries of the world,” Samsung noted in a blog post.

Samsung has also stated that ChatON has seen exponential growth in India thanks to the support for 10 regional languages and the company plans to increase this support to 13 Indian regional languages by the end of this year.