Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which was announced earlier this month in Berlin, is reportedly going to be available only in 16GB variant in Hong Kong at least for now. The 16GB version of Galaxy Note 3 is currently spotted listed at Fortress, a major retailer of mobile phones and electronics in Hong Kong.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE  N9005

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE N9005

While India will have only Octa-core Exynos processor powered Galaxy Note 3, Hong Kong is going to have both Octa-core as well as Snapdragon 800 SoCs powered Galaxy Note 3 starting September 25 this month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000

As far as the pricing of 16GB Galaxy Note 3 in Hong Kong is concerned, according to Fortress, the 16 GB 3G Octa core version (Galaxy Note 3 N9005) will carry price tag of $5998 HKD and the LTE (4G) Snapdragon 800 (N9005) version will cost $6198 HKD.

There is still no word on the launch of 32GB as well as 64GB variants in Hong Kong at this point, but we’ll not be surprised if we see Samsung announcing one or both storage varints of Galaxy Note 3 later this year.