3G Towers

Vodafone, the prominent telecom operator which has no 4G services in India yet, is looking forward to install 1,700 more 3G towers in Delhi and NCR in the next 12 months to strengthen its infrastructure in the region.

According to Subrat Padhi, Vodafone India Business Head (Delhi), the network operator has currently 8,300 sites in the region and planning to expand to 10,000 sites in the next one year.

As the company has no 4G services in the country, it’s betting big and concentrating on to enhance its 3G network to boost its data revenues. The company had also slashed the 3G tariffs by up to 80 per cent to make it more affordable.

During the quarter ended June 30, 2013, the company saw an increase in mobile internet usage by 29 per cent as against the previous quarter, due to increased number of data (internet) customers and higher usage per subscriber, particularly among 3G users.

The active data customers for the company totalled 41.2 million, including approximately 3.7 million 3G subscribers across the country during the period.