A report published by The China Labour Watch, a non-profit organization claims that the Apple’s factory in the country has breached labour rights by producing the low-cost iPhone under illegal conditions. According to the organization, Apple’s cheaper iPhone 5C is being produced under illegal and abusive conditions in company’s factories in China, and workers are forced to stand for 12-hours shifts with just two 30-minutes breaks, six days a week.

Apple's iPhone 5C

Apple’s iPhone 5C

The organization also claims that the employees in Apple’s plant in Wuxi, work without adequate protective equipment from chemicals, noise and lasers, for an average of 69 hours a week while the company’s self-imposed limit is that of 60 working hours a week. It is also revealed that female workers at the plant were asked to take pregnancy tests, which would be both against Chinese law and a breach of the code of practice imposed last year by Apple on all its suppliers.

Scheduled to be announced along with iPhone 5S on September 10, iPhone 5C is a cheaper version of iPhone 5 and reported to come with 4-inch display and plastic shell, which is rumored to be available in multiple colors.

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