If all goes well, we will see JEE aspirants giving their JEE-Advanced entrance examination on computer from next year. The members of the board, highest body responsible for taking decisions on admission to the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) across the country, has revealed that the committee is now looking forward to organize computer-based entrance examination, rather than pencil-paper from 2014 since “it is the way forward”. The decision on the switch is likely to be taken on Joint Admission Board meeting in early September.

IIT Bombay Administrative Building

IIT Bombay Administrative Building

According to IIT-Bombay director Devang Khakhar, the Joint Admisiion Board has discussed a proposal to offer the test on computer or, at least, to keep it as an option in the first year. The roll out looked possible since candidate numbers had dropped to 1.5 lakh.

A total of 12.82 lakh high-school graduates applied to take the JEE (Main) exam in 2013 when India took its big step towards the ‘one nation, one exam system’. Among them, only 1.74 lakh candidates took the computer-based test. The next level, which is the JEE (Advanced) test for admissions to the IITs, received 1.5 lakh candidates.

IIT-Kharagpur, which is responsible for conducting the JEE (Advanced) for 2014, will analyze 2013 database, and see how many of the students who qualified for the IIT (Advanced) took the main test on computer.

Commenting on the move, an IIT official said:

Some logistical deviations will have to be considered. We’ll have to run the computer-based tests and the paper-pen tests at the same time at all the centres across India.We’ll have to be extremely cautious.

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