Two doctoral candidates Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff from MIT have introduced a new innovative keyboard device that is capable of shocking users while overindulging online on Facebook or any other social media websites.

According to Dan McDuff, the keyboard monitors the application usage and if it senses that too much time is being spent on a particular website or application it give a shock to its users. The shock is just a little bit unpleasant and not dangerous for users.


The system that they have devised uses a Mac’s UI Inspector for monitoring application usage and a processing code, which routes on-screen alert signals to an Arduino board that activates a relay and initiates a shock circuit. The current is then passed on to conductive metal strips that is embedded in a keyboard rest pad.

The idea of discovering such type of keyboard came in their mind when they learned a University of Chicago study that found “Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol.”, and also realized that they themselves are wasting about 50 hours a week on Facebook so to stop that from happening again they turned to Pavlovian method.