While we’re eagerly waiting to see the Google Glass, the most awaited gadget of 2013, a new report has surfaced regarding the availability of the device. In an exclusive talk with Computerworld, Google spokeperson has revealed that the ambiguous and anticipated Google Glass will be launched next year, and the new ship date for Google Glass will not be until 2014.

In the earlier reports, the Google Glass was rumoured to be launched by the end of this year to the public. The Google Glass was made available to developers couple of months back for a price of around INR Rs.80,000 or $1,500. But until the device makes its way to the public, the price of the device can be expected to go up twice of what it was given to the developers.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass makes use of augmented reality providing users an alternate medium of staying informed. The apparatus includes a wearable head mounted display that shows up all the relevant information at the just right time.

The developers are also looking at the possibility of creating a companion application for Android devices as well as for Apple iPhone devices to enable the functionalities of Google Glass on iPhones.

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