When LG announced its new flagship LG G2 yesterday, it didn’t give any information regarding the pricing of the phone. Now we’re hearing that the smartphone will be priced slightly higher than wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S4 in selected European markets.


According to the Ocaholic.com, who have gathered the details, LG G2 will be priced at 599 euro for the 16GB version and 629 euro for the 32GB model in Germany and probably most of the European countries as well. To put this into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S4 currently sells for 520 euro for the 16GB and 600 euro for 32GB model.

The company has already announced that the LG G2 will be available on all four major carrier–Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint on contract in USA, and considering the pricing in Europe, it’s safe to assume the device will cost around $599/$629 off contract, if such an offer arrives. However the company has no plan of introducing a Google Play Edition of the phone running on stock Android.

As per the company, the LG G2 will start rolling out before the end of August in the United States, but global availability will vary across markets.

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