The HRD Ministry of India is going to partner with the premier technical institutes IIT Bombay and IIT Roorkee to create smart cities with superb infrastructure and amenities. A plan for the collaboration was recently prepared in Delhi. The purpose is to create technology-equipped good governance system in the city.

Superb Urban Smart City

Superb Urban Smart City

Here is what the top authorities said about the collaboration :

The HRD Minister of India, Pallam Raju said :

The future lies in how we create and manage cities in a sustainable and inclusive manner through smart urban planning. IITs and IIMs being the premier institutions, have significant knowledge pool to create a vision, strategies and plan of implementation in an integrated manner.

IIT Bombay Director Prof. Devang Khakhar said :

Urbanisation is growing at a fast pace in India. We now require qualified people to plan, build and manage mega-cities efficiently. Our work will not just be confined to engineering and science but will also extend to design, social science and policy issues. We hope to build linkages with other universities and institutes as well as municipal authorities to collaboratively make a difference in this important area.

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IIT Roorkee Director Pradipta Banerji said :

The objective of this collaboration is to bring together a variety of institutions and people with different sectoral focuses on a common platform. Our primary interest is in integrated development of Uttarakhand. We will work together with our collaborators to create a hill and heritage development plan that does not affect the local ecology. These will include focus on use of smart technology in transportation, water and electricity supply, hazard identification, infrastructure development and other issues that will meet the social aspirations of the people.