It’s very often that you need to know exact addresses or telephone numbers of places or stores you have never visited before. In that case, you usually have to ask someone who knows about that place. Not anymore. is an online directory that provides an extensive list of businesses of almost all kinds in USA Cities Map.

The website is absolutely free and has a large database of millions and millions of commercial locations. The website has a user-friendly interface with a powerful search box. The most important thing about the website is that it shows the required location in detailed guided labeled world map. The map loads pretty quickly. The interface is similar to Google Maps. It shows the exact roads and lanes pointing to the actual location.

The website is very accurate. It lists complete address along with telephone number, email and website of the subject including description. While searching for McDonalds in New York, I found the following result which is quite impressive. The actual photograph of the neighborhood can also be seen in the lower right.

McDonalds - Ronald Baily in New York at MappedBiz

McDonalds – Ronald Baily in New York at MappedBiz

If you just need the map of a particular location, then also you’ll find MappedBiz very useful. To cite some examples, here are detailed California map and LA map at the website.

If you are a business owner, then you should register your company for free at MappedBiz, so that interested people can track your business location including telephone number and other details.

The only constraint, I found about MappedBiz is that it only focuses on subjects based in USA. I hope, in future the website extends its directory to accommodate important commercial locations worldwide.