The Japanese electronics maker Sony is ready to launch a series of SD cards along with utility software that will allow laptop users to take backup on them. The launch will make Sony the first to introduce SD card-based PC Backup.

Sony SD Cards

Sony SD Cards

Modern SD cards are not limited to just 1 GB or 2 GB. The fact is being utilized by Sony. The SD cards will be first commercially available in Japan from August 20, 2013 – in 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB versions. As of now, the company has not decided yet, to when release the products worldwide. In terms of speed, the SD cards have been rated Class 4 and will be capable of writing speed of at least 4 MB/s. The backup utility software that accompanies the SD cards will initially be compatible only on Windows-based computers.

The backup utility software will allow the users to designate specific folders and files to be backed up. Then the designated destinations will be backed up in real-time basis. The SD cards have amazing security features. The backups use AES 256-bit technology for encryption. The cards also need password authentication to be accessed. Currently, the utility software only works with Sony memory cards, but is available as trial download (30 days expiry) with cards from other companies.

The SD cards are priced quite high. The 64 GB version will cost around USD $140 which is three times costlier than another simple 64 GB blank SD card of similar specification. The utility software will eat 10% of the disk space. Thus, out of 64 GB only only 57.6 GB will be available for actual use.

SD cards are truly amazing with the small size and portability. Now developers have built complete operating systems that can be installed on SD cards or Thumb drives. One such example is Debian Linux.