We have been hearing about Apple’s upcoming wearable device named iWatch since long time, though there is no single evidence available regarding the device. Now there are reports claiming that the tech giant has filed for trademark on the term iWatch in multiple countries including Japan, Mexico and Taiwan. Apple has filed this product under the multiple categories including computers, peripheral devices, clock related product and personal digital assistants.

Apple's wearable iWatch

Apple’s wearable iWatch

Like always Apple has maintained no comment policy on these reports, but according to a local newspaper, it has also filed for the same trademark in Russia.

Though Android based smart watches may not have picked up well in last couple of years, Apple had eyes set on it. Apple has been rumored for working on the similar product dubbed as iWatch since last couple of years. Now the company has filed for a trademark and it is quite obvious that the product is very close to the release.

Several companies like Microsoft, Samsung, LG and even Google are also working on iWatch like devices powered by Android operating system, at their ends. Sony has even announced their latest smart watch last week which is a waterproof device with NFC capability. It is mainly a peripheral for a smartphone, syncing via Bluetooth and showing alerts for services like Facebook, Twitter and email.