From mere communication device, phones have become an integral part of our life. A single phone now a days pack more power than our computers of few years ago. But, many a times, people are baffled at the choices as there are several manufacturers offering a phone. Hence, we bring to you a guide for how to zeroing in a phone to buy :

1. Decide a Budget

Motorola's Moto X smartphone

Motorola’s Moto X smartphone

As is a universal fact before purchasing anything, you’ve to decide the budget for your phone purchase. This will not only shortlist your options but also make sure that you don’t overspend by going for a costly phone having features you may not need. Talking about features, this is next step in this exercise.

2. Decide Requirements

As mentioned earlier, that a smartphone has features from just a calling and messaging device to be used in work, for entertainment by videos and gaming to being used as a camera and much more. But, a phone with better camera may not have a bigger screen which helps you watching videos or a phone with large screen may not have physical keypad which makes it easier. That’s why it’s essential to find a phone based on the usage you will be using it for. You can decide upon the following specifications of a phone :

  1. Display Size : A phone can now come with 3 inch screen to even 6 inches screen.
  2. Touchscreen / Physical Keypad : While there are plethora of touchscreen devices these days, QWERTY keypads are better for fast and accurate typing.
  3. Operating System : With the advent of touchscreen devices, OS on which the phone is running also came in light. While there are device specific iOS and BB OS which is only found in Apple and Blackberry devices respectively, Android and WP can be found on several phone from HTC. Samsung, Nokia, etc.
  4. Hardware : Depending on the usage of device for gaming, running high processing apps, multitasking, watching HD videos, etc., you can decide the processor, internal storage of the device.
  5. Camera : This is becoming a quintessential part of phone which offers a camera lens from 2 MP to even 16 MP, and numerous other functionalities to make image and video shooting better.

By no means, this is a comprehensive list, but above mentioned specifications are the most important for the working of any device.

3. Finding Devices

Now that you have decided the budget and the features you would like to have in the phone, it’s time to find the devices which matches them. There are several website which can help you filter down the choices based on your needs, but we found the following sites to be better and reliable :

GDGT – Cellphones
FINDTHEBEST – Smartphones

Once few phones are shortlisted, these sites can also help you to do a feature by feature comparison of both of them to finalize few phones. These sites also provide prices a phone is being offered at from various e-commerce websites.

4. Reading Reviews

All the above steps have helped you to find few devices which can fulfill your needs, but only an expert opinion can help you to make your mind for the purchase. Read review of the phones you shortlisted from :

CNET – Cellphone Reviews
GSMARENA – Mobile Reviews

Voila! You have done your research and can go ahead with the purchase.