While tech giants Samsung, Google and Apple are working on wearable gadgets; the latest one to join the clan is Acer. According to sources, Acer plans to launch its first wearable gadget in international market sometime in 2014.

Acer logo

Acer logo

ST Liew (Smartphone Chief, Acer) in a recent interview to Pocket-Lint said :

We are looking at wearable, I think every consumer company should be looking at wearable. Wearable isn’t new … it just hasn’t exploded in the way that it should. But the opportunity’s for billions of dollars’ worth of industry.

So are we thinking along those lines? Yes, absolutely. You should expect something like that from us as well next year.

Liew however, didn’t disclosed much details about the plan and the type of the gadget, however he hinted that Acer’s first wearable device will have a very long battery life.