A research team at Nanyang Technological University (Nanyang Avenue, Singapore) led by Assitant Professor Wang Qijie, have built an ultra-sensitive camera sensor crafted from a single sheet of Graphene.

New Graphene Camera Sensor

New Graphene Camera Sensor

The new Graphene-based sensor is extremely sensitive to low light conditions and 1000 times better than traditional sensors. Also, it is more energy efficient and uses 10 times less power. The sensor is capable to detect broad range of spectrum including all wavelengths of visible light as well as mid-infrared. Hence, the sensor will be suitable for all types of cameras including traffic speeding cameras, infrared cameras and satellite imaging cameras. What’s more? The new Graphene sensor will be 5 times cheaper than traditional inferior CMOS and CCD sensors.

The new sensor works on the priciple of trapping and holding light-generated electrons for longer time than the traditional sensors. The research team is working with industry collaborators to produce a viable commercial product.

Professor Wang Qijie said :

While designing this sensor, we have kept current manufacturing practices in mind. This means the industry can in principle continue producing camera sensors using the CMOS process, which is the prevailing technology used by the majority of factories in the electronics industry. Therefore, manufacturers can easily replace the current base material of photo sensors with our new nano-structured Graphene material.