Samsung : The Leading Smartphones Manufacturer

Report is surfaced from Korea where etnews claims that the Korean tech-giant Samsung is involved in preparing a monster Galaxy Note variant which is going to have large 12.2-inch 2560x1600p display. As per the publication the company is scheduled to start procuring LCD display panels for the alleged device from Samsung Display and Sharp next month and is expected to be announced soon after that.

Like all other Note-devices, this Note-series tablet will also come with S-Pen stylus support as well as a bunch of S-Pen related apps.

According to ET News, Samsung had started working on Note 12.2 in mid-2012, but because of the launch of smaller Note devices, the development of 12.2-inch device was sidelined until now.

Apple is also rumoured to be coming with an iPad ‘Maxi’ with 12-inch display but Samsung plans to introduce its 12.2-inch device before Apple to become with first to offer such a large mainstream tablet.

As this is an unconfirmed report, take this with a pinch of salt but given Samsung’s love for large-displays, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see if Note 12.2 becomes a reality.