WASHINGTON: A new study has shown than Facebook’s Mutual Friends Feature has not been created with proper security measures and poses considerable privacy and security risks.

Facebook Mutual Friends Feature : Security and Privacy Threat

Facebook Mutual Friends Feature : Security and Privacy Threat

The study was done by University of Pittsburgh and was published in the technology journal Computers and Security. There are numerous security loopholes which pose privacy risks. There are privacy settings in Facebook no doubt, but hackers can easily override the settings to find personal information of a user with the help of Mutual Friends Feature.

The Mutual Friends Feature is very popular in Facebook and is known to bring people together.

James Joshi, the Chief Investigator of the study as well as the Associate Professor of Information Assurance and Security at Pittsburg’s School of Information Sciences, said :

The mutual friends feature is not created in tandem with privacy setting designs, and inadequate thought with regards to security and privacy issues has been given to it. With such a huge user base in such systems, a minor privacy breach can have a significant impact.