BANGALORE: In almost all of the schools in India, students are barred from bringing gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops inside school premises. Not anymore. Now, some of the top schools of the country are allowing and encouraging students to bring gadgets at schools similar to the corporate practice BYOD where employees are allowed to bring their own devices at workplaces.

Kid with Laptop

Kid with Laptop

Some of the schools allowing students to bring gadgets inside school premises are Delhi Public School, Dehradun’s Doon School, Millennium School (Lucknow), Dhirubhai Ambani International School (Mumbai), GD Goenka School (Gurgaon), Mallya Aditi International School (Bangalore), National Hill View Public School (Bangalore) and South City International School (Kolkata). The schools claim that the move is to integrate and familiarize students with modern technology.

At Doon School, students of class 11 and 12 are allowed to bring their gadgets to classroom. Dhirubhai Ambani International School has allowed gadgets to students from VII onwards. Going a step further, National Hill View Public School (Bangalore) and GD Goenka School (Gurgaon) have offered Wi-Fi internet connectivity in classrooms.

The move by these schools is also being seen as a gimmick to glamorize rather than assistance to education.

Dherandra Kumar (Child Psychologist and Director, PsyIndia, Delhi) said :

Dr. Dherandra Kumar
It is quite impossible to stop students from using WhatsApp, Facebook and other applications once you allow technology in classrooms.