MUMBAI: The authorities of IIT Bombay has recently banned Birthday Bumps on campus also known as GPL (G*** Pe Laat) in IIT’s informal language. The custom had been informally celebrated as an essential ritual 🙂 in most of the IIT-B birthday celebrations.

What actually is GPL?

If you are an IIT-B student you know it very well. The birthday boy is gathered on by a group of close friends usually 20-30 in number. He is then taken to an open space like hostel’s footer or freesbie ground. Two or four guys lift the boy with his hips facing the ground, and then starts a free offerings of kicks on his bums. The intelligent and sensitive boys pay no mercy this time. They remember their own birthdays at campus and kick hard to compensate. To add effect to the scene, water is sprinkled and then again session of free kicks starts. Someone comes up with new ideas like taking shoes or slippers at hand and then kicking hard at bums. The session goes on unless the birthday boy screams and asks for mercy a dozen of times at least.

Birthday Bumps

Birthday Bumps

The scene ends with friends hugging and shouting happy birthday. The group then takes the birthday boy to hostel’s canteen and enjoys party on his canteen account.

Ban of GPL

After some unreported cases of injuries due to GPL bumps, the IIT-B authorities has sent official notice to all of the students inside campus to refrain from such activities. If found guilty, the offenders will be treated and punished with the norms same as ragging. General Secretary (elected student) of each hostel has been made responsible for deployment of the ban throughout the hostel.

The authorities do not have any formal complaint by any student. They do not want to complain against their own close friends.

Prof. Urjit A. Yajnik (Dean, Student Affairs, IIT Bombay) said :

A note against this practice was also issued by the Students Affairs Office before. I just reiterated it as because of some reports that they go out of hand once in a while.

Reaction of Students

While some students on the campus are in favor of the ban, many are not happy with the ban. The students campus magazine Insight carried an extensive article on the pros and conses of the GPL practice.

CSE 2005 Batch of IIT Bombay on a Recreation Trip

CSE 2005 Batch of IIT Bombay on a Recreation Trip