The western suburbs of Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) has Parramatta River and south bank of which has a bay called Homebush Bay. This bay has several broken and abandoned ships, most of which are forgotten.

Here is an abandoned ship at the bay which now hosts vegetation. SS Ayrfield, a century-old ship was left abandoned very very long ago. Now, this ship has natural mangrove forest, which looks like a small and dense floating forest.

Floating Forest at Homebush Bay in Sydney's Parramatta River

Floating Forest at Homebush Bay in Sydney’s Parramatta River

Now something about the ship. The ship was built in UK in 1911 and was launched first as SS Corrimal (later SS Ayrfield). The government of Australia used this ship to move American soldiers and supplies during second world war. Later this ship was purchased in 1951 by the Miller Steamship Company and renamed as SS Ayrfield.

To the company the ship served as a collier (coal transport vessel) until 1972 when it was retired and abandoned to Homebush Bay. Out of several abandoned ships in the area, this ship catches attraction of viewers due to the dense forest grown naturally in it.