Congress of USA in a letter to Google’s CEO Larry Page, has seek information about privacy impact of upcoming highly ambitious product Google Glass.

The letter asks certain questions that Google has always hesitated to answer from. The letter is signed by eight-member bench of American Congress. The bench was headed by Joe Barton (Co-Chairman of Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus). The bench seeks information from Google by June 14, 2013.

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin with Google Glass

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin with Google Glass

The letter discusses plans of use of facial technique to recognize people in pictures and its impact on an average American. The bench is particularly concerned about – what effective steps Google is to take about rising privacy issues of Project Glass reportedly by The Wall Street Journal.

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Google Glass Product Director Steve Lee on a chat with app developers assured that the Glass Team takes privacy seriously. He said :

From the beginning, the social implications of Glass, of people wearing Glass, has been at the top of our mind. The team has extended its concern not just to those wearing Glass but also to those around them. To take a picture requires pressing a button or issuing a voice command. Also, the Glass screen lights up when the device is active.

Glass is operating by Google’s existing privacy policy in terms of what data it collects. We are not really deviating from that. As for face recognition, we have definitely experimented with it but it is not in the product today. I can imagine that existing.

Given below is the letter addressed to Larry Page :