Gmail is enormously popular free email service provided by Google. It’s often that we regularly email a certain message to a particular group of people. The general method people usually apply every time is – they insert individual email IDs of all people that they want to contact in TO field. Here I will share, how to create a contact group in Gmail to send an email to a group of people. This removes the possibility of leaving out some email IDs while typing.

To create a contact group, first of all click at the Gmail written at top left of screen and click on Contacts in the drop-down list. This brings on screen the contacts page. On the left navigation links, click on New Group and enter a suitable name for the group that you can easily remember.

Gmail Contacts

Gmail Contacts

Afterwards, the group just created gets listed in the left navigation. Click on it. To add members to this group click on the man’s icon with + sign and insert and add one by one the desired email IDs. Once you enter all the appropriate email IDs, your contact group is ready for use.

Now whenever you need to send an email to all members of this group, then create an email and just type the group name in the TO field.

Similar features are also available on Yahoo and Outlook.