One of the most famous auction place of UK, Christie’s South Kensington Salesroom at London will encounter a very unique auction. A very rare and unbroken, sub-fossilized egg of Elephant Bird that became extinct around 17th century, is up for auction for the next month.

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The figure below from left to right suggests size comparison of Human, Gigantoraptor Dinosaur, Utahraptor Dinosaur, Elephant Bird, Ostrich, Deinonychus Dinosaur.

Size Comparison of Large Birds

Size Comparison of Large Birds

Elephant Birds were a family of very large flightless birds belonging to Aepyornis Maximus species, that lived in Madagascar Island which is about 320 km off the southeast coast of Africa. Hunting by humans is believed to be the root cause of the extinction of Elephant Birds.

Elephant Bird Egg for Auction at Christie's South Kensington

Elephant Bird Egg for Auction at Christie’s South Kensington

The sub-fossilized egg is expected to be auctioned for the price range of about USD $30,000 to USD $45,000. The egg is 12 inch long and at the middle it has a diameter of 9 inch. The egg to be auctioned is fossilized and non-hatchable. Still, such eggs are very important for research purposes and can fetch valuable information about the bird, its species as well as the Earth’s environment at that time.

Comparison of Elephant Bird's Egg with Normal Egg

Comparison of Elephant Bird’s Egg with Normal Egg