Barbie Doll has established itself as a renown symbol of beauty and femininity throughout the world. The iconic doll comes in various sizes and outfits. However, one thing is similar in all Barbie Dolls. It is their super-slim and s€xy body. The doll is made so fair, curvaceous and glamorous, that it can be seen as fantasy-woman of every male-mind.

But have you given it a thought that if such a girl in real life is possible! Many of you will say YES. But here are some technical facts that show, a perfect Barbie Body is nearly impossible. The comparison is based on real life-size Barbie Doll.

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Head is oversized as compared to neck which itself is two times longer than that of a normal girl. Such a thin and long neck technically can’t support an oversized head. The extremely slim 16-inch waistline can’t accommodate a normal liver and intestines. The super-thin 3.5-inch wrists make Barbie unable to hold any heavy weight.

The br€ast to waist ratio of Barbie may seem amazing but technically it is nearly impossible to find such a ratio in real girls. The possibility of existence of such a ratio is 1 out of billions of billions.

Possibility of a Barbie Body

Possibility of a Barbie Body