Google’s Chairman, Eric Emerson Schmidt has officially confirmed that Google’s Mobile Phone wing Motorola, is working to introduce a range of mobile handsets including the one called Google X Phone. He said the premium smartphones that Motorola is developing will be phenomenal and will redefine the concept of high end smartphones.

Google Motorola

Google Motorola

At the D:Dive into Mobile Conference held at New York, Schmidt said :

Eric Emerson Schmidt
Motorola have a new set of products, which are phenomenal, very, very impressive. Think of it as phones-plus.

It is being expected that Google X Phone will come with the fastest processor, the largest storage memory, the best graphics etc. According to sources, the phone will be able to sustain seriously rough handling with its carbon fiber shell. The phone will come for the first time with a real genuine Nikon camera. The operating system will be a blend of Chrome and Android. Users will be able to choose and customize the phone as per their needs like color, RAM etc.

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How true are these reports, will come out very soon. The first official public announcement for Google X Phone is likely to come out on Google I/O Conference. The 3-day annual conference will held in San Francisco, California from 15-17 May 2013.

Google had acquired Motorola Mobility last year in May (May 22, 2012). Motorola’s Google X Phone is expected to give Apple’s iPhone the real tough competition.