LG's Voice-controlled Smart Robotic Cleaner

LG’s Voice-controlled Smart Robotic Cleaner

LG Electronics has released a voice-activated robotic cleaner, the fifth product under LG’s G Project (Great, Genius and Good design), aimed to propel LG Electronics into the No.1 position in the global home appliance market by 2015.

The cleaner accepts voice commands such as “Clean”, “Stop” and “Recharge,” and does exactly what the user tells it to do. Besides, if the user says “Come over Here,” it will move in the direction the user’s voice is coming from.

It is equipped with two cameras and three ultrasonic sensors, which reduces the risk of malfunction by sensing the obstacle lying ahead in the path and at the same time, they also help it to move faster without colliding with obstacles.

This innovative cleaner can run for 100 minutes on a single battery charge. It can listen 48 decibels of sound, so users can feel free to say “Clean” to this smart robot in the middle of the night.