The report has been come from Vietnam, where a website has claimed that it has got confirmed information from a person that Apple iPhone 6 will come with 12MP rear camera. The alleged person works at Saigon Electronics, the company that specializes in the camera components for Apple.

Next Generation iPhone

However as far as the mobile photography is concerned, Nokia 808 PureView is still untouchable with 41 MP snapper, and Apple is also not intending to join the mad race of dethroning Nokia. The company is just planning to deliver better imaging experiences and improved picture clarity even in low light environment.

Apart from these, Apple iPhone 6’s 12 megapixel camera will also deliver better High Dynamic Range capture support for still images and even for video.

From last couple of years, imaging has been termed as a core strength of the smartphones and Apple’s products are not apart from this fact. Several flagship devices such as HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Lumia range of smartphones and Samsung Galaxy S IV launched these days come with an elegant snapper as a prominent spec, and if Apple want to overshadow them, it will have to deliver best and intuitive imaging experiences to the users as far as camera section is concerned.