To promote its product Facebook Home, Facebook has started its first-ever television commercial ad campaign across U.S. Network and Cable Programming.

The Facebook Home Ads are being criticized for being rude and promoting distraction from real life events. Top websites like Forbes and Mashable have criticized the ad campaign.

Facebook Home - Distraction from Real Life Events

Facebook Home – Distraction from Real Life Events

Facebook Home is an Android App that infiltrates itself into Android’s Home Screen to extracts Facebook updates from friends. While it may be fun doing it in leisure, but it will be irritating most of the time unless you are a diehard fan of Facebook.

In three main ads so far, Facebook Home is projecting itself to be more interesting than real life events that happen around you. In the first ad, a person on an airplane is using Facebook Home and then he begins to virtually see updates from his friends coming alive at the plane. Second ad is kind of funny, where Mark Zuckerberg is addressing his team of engineers and then this particular one feels bored of the conversation and is using Facebook Home and then this goat virtually mimics at Mark. In the third ad which is condemned the most, this girl is bored at the dinner table when her aunt describes about her cat food and then the girl uses Facebook home and interesting Facebook updates from his friends virtually come alive in real.

Watch here, the Facebook Home Ads :

Airplane : Facebook Home Ad

Launch Day : Facebook Home Ad

Dinner : Facebook Home Ad

While these ads may be tempting but they are at the same time disgusting. It is worthless to be in virtual world rather than enjoying real life events. What Facebook wants is – people should keep using its services always. But, while promoting Facebook Home, it forgot that dinner time is very private when we socialize with our family and a distraction there is a big no-no.

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