Remembering passwords is not an easy task. With so many online accounts as well as variations like uppercase, special characters and digits, it is getting difficult to remember passwords. Writing them on paper is an alternative but is inconvenient and prone to theft.

NeuroSky Mindset - Passthought Sensor

NeuroSky Mindset – Passthought Sensor

In a rapid upward plunge in passwords, researchers at UC Berkeley School of Information have developed a method of authentication in which you will need to just think about the password instead of typing it.

The pseudo-name given to this type of authentication is PASSTHOUGHT. The method utilizes Biosensor Technology for passthought authentication. The USD $100 passthought headset is worn on forehead. It connects to PC via Bluetooth. It has sensors to recieve EEG (Electroencephalogram) signals from brain.

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There are similar Biometric authentication system available like retina or fingerprint scan but they are expensive and require extensive hardware. The gadget developed by researchers is named NeuroSky Mindset. It is more safe to use brainwaves instead of passwords because even if someone knew your passthought, he will not be able to use it because his brainwaves will fetch different EEG signals.

NeuroSky Mindset was tested on a number of participants. Passthoughts like thinking about their finger moving up and down, remembering a personal secret, focusing on breathing etc were tested with the gadget.