Blog Ping Services

Blog Ping Services

WordPress is a very rich-featured blog platform. One of the greatest features in WordPress is the ability to automatically ping whenever you publish a post on your WordPress blog.

What is a Ping ?

Pinging is an automatic way to announce to the search engines and blog directories that a post has been published in your blog. So, pinging increases chances of getting your post listed in search engines.

Problem with WordPress Ping

WordPress by default pings to only one ping service :

There are several more ping services and blog directories. So, it is a good idea to add more ping services in the list.


To add more ping services :

  • Log into your WordPress blog with administrator privileges.
  • Go to Settings >> Writing.
  • In the Update Services field, add more URLs. Each URL must be separated by a line break. You can copy and paste from the URL list in text format here or you can copy and paste from the list give below.
  • Do Save Changes.