Resume is no doubt, your first impression on your to be employer. As soon as students reach in their final semester, they begin to prepare their resumes, in the most convincing way to woo the employers and executives. Most often they exaggerate or lie about things and expertise to look better than other candidates. This however often get them in trouble later, when caught.

The most lied about features in resumes are degrees, previous positions, previous experiences and inflated salaries in previous job. Employer are however well known about the fact of lying on resumes and they often do inquiries to certain the authenticity of information.

One easily available source of inquiries are online social networks of the candidates. Employers many times seek information from online social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. LinkedIn is the most used social network for inquiries due to its professional nature. The best thing about LinkedIn is – anyone can see almost the complete professional experiences and positions hold by a candidate. There are links of co-workers and previous employees who can be contacted to verify the correctness of the information.

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Here in the following infographic, we are providing the facts and statistics about lying on professional resumes.

Lying on Resumes

Lying on Resumes