South Korean rapper Psy is to come up with his next music single titled Gentleman. Keeping his trend of funny invisible horse riding dance of Gnagnam Style, this time Psy will rap some Korean traditional moves.

Gentleman will be released in Korea on April 12, 2013. Psy will publicly perform for the first time on Gentleman at a concert to be held on April 13, 2013 at World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

Funny Psy and his Fantastic Moves

Funny Psy and his Fantastic Moves

Psy is tight-lipped about Gentleman as he doesn’t want to reveal too much about the single. He said :

The new song is extremely fun and what I can tell you is the song title is Gentleman. I can’t tell you about the dance but all Koreans know this dance – but other countries haven’t seen it.

Psy became a global celebrity after his most popular single Gangnam Style gained the title of the most watched video on YouTube of all time overriding Justin Bieber’s Baby.