Now a days, there are various online services which enable you to convert files from one format to another format. These services demand you to upload the source file, specify the output format and within seconds, the converted file in the desired format becomes available for download. But sometimes these approaches are not reliable and also there are certain limitations with these.

As I said before, for converting a file you have to first upload it to the file conversion services. This task is quite easy when you upload files from the desktop. But as far as iPhone, Android or any other mobile browser is concerned there are no such uploading facility provided.

But now a simple and free solution of this problem is available. The Zamzar website has launched a service in which files will be converted from one format to another format by sending an Email. This could be particularly useful to smartphone users who are often emailed files that their device is unable to display. Now email the file to Zamzar, and Zamzar will email them a link to a new file in the desired format.

Online File Conversion Procedure

  1. Go to and upload your source file. You can upload a maximum of 5 files at the same time for concurrent conversions. If you want more than 5 files to be converted, repeat the same steps again.
  2. Choose your destination format.
  3. Enter the email address where you want the link to the converted file to be sent to.
  4. Click on convert to begin the conversion.

Uploading Source File for Conversion at

Uploading Source File for Conversion at

Once you press convert button it displays a conversion confirmation dialog. After pressing OK on the confirmation dialog, it starts uploading the source file to the Zamzar website. Just after you have uploaded the file, you’ll get an email with the following message and link to download the converted project file. The converted file will be available for you to download for 1 day.

In my experience, the converted files were delivered quickly and quality of the converted files were excellent. Also you don’t need any account at Zamzar and you can convert files up to 1 MB in a single batch. You may go for a pro account to convert bigger files that starts from $7 per month. Zamzar converts document formats, image formats, music formats, video formats, compressed formats and CAD formats.