You may have encountered a situation where in Google search, you found what you are looking for, you click the link, but to your dismay, you’ve been brought to a different site. The next link you clicked also brought you to the same site. And the site has no connection to your searches or to the site you are trying to open. In other words – you’ve been redirected! Some of your computer programs won’t run, without producing any error. It happens because of Google Redirect Virus.

This virus hijacks your Google searches and then redirects you to another website, that is usually a fake websites with advertisements or corrupt pages. Also, this Google Redirect Virus has a capacity to block sites.

How to get rid of Google Redirect Virus?

As far as removal of this virus is concerned, it is quite simple compared to other viruses. You only need Kaspersky TDSSKiller which is a handy portable tool that can detect and remove both known and unknown rootkits on your computer. Now follow the following steps :

  • Download Kaspersky TDSSKiller from the following link and save it to your desktop. To download :
  • Rename TDSSKiller by right-clicking the TDSSKiller.exe icon from your desktop and select Rename. Now you can edit the name with any name you want but do not forget that it should end with the .com extension. For example, or Now that it is wearing a mask, you can proceed with the running of the program.
  • Click the Start scan button to scan your computer for TDSS infection. It will then display a result screen to show if infections were on your computer.
    Kaspersky TDSSKiller removes Google Redirect Virus.

    Kaspersky TDSSKiller removes Google Redirect Virus.

  • If an infection is on your computer, you can get rid of Google Redirect Virus by clicking the Continue button. The Kaspersky TDSSKiller will now attempt to clear your computer from the infection. If you do not get the message Cure, then just choose the default action Skip and press Continue. Do not attempt to change it to Delete or Quarantine as it may also delete the infected files that are needed for Windows to operate properly.
  • Once finished, it will give you a report stating whether the cleaning operation is successful. Reboot is required to finish the cleaning process, so click on the Reboot now button and let it finish the removal of the TDSS infection. 😆 😆