If you look at electronic displays for long time, that might cause to dry up your eyes. Certainly not good for your eyes. It has been a common practice that travelers in buses and trains now a days usually look at their smartphones, tablets and laptops in stead of looking at landscape outside the window.

Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Doctors warn that spending long hours regularly in front of computer screens can cause evaporation and dryness in eyes. It is reported that dryness in eyes are commonly being encountered by people of age group 18-45 years. People above 45 years encounter dryness in eyes due to systemic diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

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Dr. K Bhujang Shetty (Chairman and Managing Director, Narayana Nethralaya) said :

Dr. K Bhujang Shetty
Not many are aware of the condition till they visit a hospital. We are seeing 45% to 55% cases of evaporative dry eyes; close to 50% increase in the last 10 years.

The general cause of dryness in eyes is due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction which is resulted by blockage of eyelid glands.