Here is under-development a device including an app which lets you manage and control your household items right through your smartphone or tablet. The project called Prizm Home Hub is being designed by an automation and energy management company called Frostdale. It is based in Seoul, Korea.

Prizm Home Hub uses Z-Wave Networking Technology

Prizm Home Hub uses Z-Wave Networking Technology

The device can be operated remotely with smartphone or tablet though internet. Prizm has a 5-Inch touchscreen panel which uses Z-Wave wireless home network system to manage home appliances.

What Prizm can do?

With Prizm you can monitor your house remotely through live webcam feeds. Prizm will support a number of appliances with Z-Wave logo. You’ll be able to turn on or turn off or dim lights. You can also lock or unlock doors remotely. You’ll know instantly if someone enters or leaves your home. Other smart features of Prizm include Thermostats, Security Sensors, Motion Sensors,Flood and Freeze Sensors etc.

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Funds for this projects are being generated through KICKSTARTER. Targeted amount is USD $200,000. While I am writing this article, 47 backers have contributed USD $8,600 for the project.

Here is video demonstration of the product :

Here is the link to back the project : Prizm Home Hub