As per new study circulated in the British Journal of Psychology published by BPS, it has been found that Chewing Gum improves concentration and reaction time during tasks that take longer amount of time. The study was done by a research team of Cardiff University.

Chewing Gums improves Reaction Time

Chewing Gums improves Reaction Time

The study was done on 38 subjects arranged in 2 groups. Both groups had to complete half-hour-long audio task. The task was to detect and quick report of odd-even-odd number sequences out of numbers from 1 to 9 being read out randomly. Points were given to participants based on accuracy and speed.

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The results at the end showed that those who were chewing gums during the study performed better, especially as the study progressed to the last.

It had been subsequently concluded by the researchers that chewing gum helps concentrating on tasks that require continuous monitoring for longer amount of time. This explains why cricketers keep on chewing gums while playing international matches.

It is believed that the act of chewing affects at least 8 areas of brain and temporarily improves blood flow to brain.