You have your maps and direction tool built into your iPhone already, but there are several more sophisticated geography and app tools for your phone that can serve as educational tools or just as a way to satisfy your curious mind. Whether you’re a geography professional or you’re trying to teach your kids about the 50 States, you’ll love these geography apps.

Geography and Map Apps

Geography and Map Apps

For the Curious Geographer

1. National Geographic World Atlas
With this app you can zoom into any area on the map to get National Geographic quality maps of continents along with topographical information. The maps contain sophisticated graphics that make the information very clear. You can learn geographic and historical information while you’re looking at the map as well.

ESRI is the leading developer of GIS software, so you know an app coming from this company is going to be high-tech and address the needs of geography professionals. This app includes demographic and geographic information and also includes a “Business Analysis Online” app, which will break down the demographics of a neighborhood or geographic area.

3. Speed Geography
If you’re trying to buff up on your geography knowledge for that weekly game of Trivia Pursuit, this is the app for you. You’ll learn the major and minor trivia surrounding geographical locations, and then you’ll be tested on that info to make sure you’re absorbing it. If you’re a shameless geography nerd, this could be the best party game for you and your colleagues’ next get together.

For Tourists

1. AroundMe
Less focused on the geography surrounding you and more focused on the urban surroundings, AroundME will direct you to shops, gas stations, restaurants and ATMS. It’s the perfect tourist app.

2. My Coordinates Pro
If you’re less a tourist and more of an adventurer, you’ll like this app because it gives you your exact latitude and longitude. If you have a guide book that uses technical terms such as these, this app will serve you best.

For Kids

1. The Barefoot World Atlas
Developed by geographer and BBC’s Nick Crane, this is a beautifully illustrated app that will allow children to take a 3-D tour of the globe. They can navigate the earth, browse by region, or look up the names of plants and trees. If you’re concerned about your kids spending too much frivolous time on the iPad, this is a great way to make their time well spent and educational.

2. Montessori Approach to Geography
Using the tried and true methods of the Montessori education system, this app helps kids to learn the names of the fifty states along with various geographical information about those states.

Whether you want to learn more about geography, you need resources for travel, you are a professional geographer or you want to teach your kids about geography, apps are a fun and engaging tool. Whether you’re in the Grand Canyon or looking at it on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be amazed at what a small screen can offer you and your kids.