The versatile singer of Beedi Jalaile of Omkara, none other than Sunidhi Chauhan is a very bold and strong personality. She went through divorce at a very young age but she now has recovered the trauma and is living a happily married life.

Sunidhi Chauhan at Femina Miss India 2011 Contest

Sunidhi Chauhan at Femina Miss India 2011 Contest

In 2002, at the age of 18, she married director and choreographer Bobby Khan after working for the music video of Pehla Nasha. The marriage didn’t last long and the couple separated a year ahead. She lived with Annu Kapoor and his wife Arunita during the separation.

It took her time to recover from the divorce. On April 27, 2012, she married her childhood friend and music composer Hitesh Sonik. Now, she is happily married is enjoying marital bliss.

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Sunidhi Chauhan while talking to The Times of India, explains a few things that she wants men to learn about women. Here are her 10 suggestions to men for a smooth relationship :

  1. Admit that you cannot, for even a second, do without us! You need us more than we need you!
  2. Please do not think going to the salon every weekend will impress us and make us notice you — simply ‘clean and hygienic’ will do. Because I would freak out if my man got a manicure done more often than I did!
  3. Yes, we have terrible mood swings! And yes, you cannot predict our moods on an given day. But isn’t that why you love us? So don’t shout and scream when we are being unreasonable — do what point no. 7 says!
  4. Most of the time, a tight hug and a sweet kiss on the forehead will do what expensive dinners, shopping and a holiday can’t!
  5. We are not fond of cleaning up after you may it be dirty dishes or smelly socks — being in love with you does not extend to these chores.
  6. It is high time you guys learn to recognize our ‘if looks could kill’ expression.
  7. Sometimes we go along with whatever you say just because it amuses us to realise how stupid you can be in terms of doing things that annoy us repeatedly.
  8. We are way too strong as compared to men, both emotionally and physically.
  9. You can never have the ‘heart’ that we possess. Our power to forgive, to love and to understand is supernatural.
  10. Let’s start by flattering your ( male) species a bit — You are most definitely the best thing that has happened to us. It would be an absolutely boring existence without you guys spicing up, living it up or for that matter, even messing up our lives!